Our Carbon Footprint

Here at proware we are commited to reviewing and reducing our impact on the planet.

As such we are proud to say that as a company we are currently operationally carbon positive, we have achieved this through investing in carbon reducing and carbon capturing schemes. The main two schemes we have invested in are, the development of the Karnataka windfarm in central India and then secondly the purchasing of wood land and the prevention of deforestation in the Amazonian basin.

We are constantly reviewing and improving our practises inside the business as well, we have recently started to phase out plastic tapes where possible and we are starting to remove plastic foam packaging for card hive pack where appropriate. We are also starting to electrify our vehicle fleet and will shorlty install solar pannels to try to reduce our reliance on our currently non renewable energy supply.

Our products are lifetime purchases, we are proud of offering products that will not need replacing as this will put less stress on our global resources. This has been centeral to our ethos as a company and so we are proud to be carbon positive and will push forward with reducing our impact going forwards!




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