7 Things We Love About Our Copper Base Range

If you love cooking, there’s nothing like the lure of a new set of pans to make you want to hotfoot it to the kitchen!

The copper base pans are one of our most popular ranges and we’d like to share the things we love about the collection with you. Read on to find out why cooking with copper-based pans makes perfect sense…

Proware 7 things we love about our copper base

1. Lighter Construction, Efficient, Durable and Great Value for Money

The copper base range is made from a single sheet of stainless steel which has been deep drawn before sheets of aluminium and copper have been impact bonded onto the base. This construction makes them noticeably lighter than our other ranges. The combination of copper and aluminium in the base of the pan means that heat spreads evenly and efficiently throughout the base for an even cook.

The pans use less material than their triple layer counterparts and so they cost less but, just as with the other ranges, the pans have been carefully specified and engineered and they have been put through their paces in the test-labs and kitchens. As such we are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on everything except the milkpan (which carries a guarantee against manufacturing fault but unfortunately not on the non-stick coating).

2. Glass Lids

There are so many reasons to use a lid – from heat efficiency which achieves a quicker boil to keeping the walls & hob top clean! This is our only range with vented, glass lids meaning that you can easily keep an eye what you’re cooking.

3. Great Capacities

Unlike competitor items our copper base pans are nice and deep so you really can cook for a crowd (or just a hungry family!). The milkpan holds over a litre; the 16cm saucepan holds just shy of 2 litres; the 20cm holds over 3.5 litres; and the stockpot holds a massive 6 litres!

Proware Copper Base Stacking Pans

4. Thoughtfully Designed

The comfortable soft grip handles are extremely practical and easy to handle. The silicone wrap means that they will withstand exposure to high temperatures (e.g. in the oven).  A steep arch in the handle helps to keep it away from the heat source; and allows the pans to nest efficiently in cupboards or drawers. An eyelet where the handle meets the pan body disperses heat to ensure handles don’t get too hot and there’s a hanging loop if you want to make a feature of them. We also know that larger pans can be very heavy when full so we’ve added helper handles to the 18cm and 20cm saucepans, and the 24cm sauté pan.

5. All-Rounder

These pans work on every hob type except induction; they can go in the oven up to 200ºC; and the fact that they are dishwasher safe means that they are very easy to keep clean.

ProWare's Hereford Cider Chicken

6. What’s Cooking Good Looking?

Sure, your pan has to be practical. But what if it could look great, too? You’ll be pleased to know our copper base pans more than look the part. The contrast of their copper bases and the stainless steel makes for an eye-catching set of cookware. Well, who said pans had to be tucked away in the cupboard, anyway?

Proware Copper Base pans on hob top

7. 5 Star Reviews

We sell through our own website and Amazon Prime. Our trust pilot rating is 4.9 out of 5 so don’t just take our word for it, check out the numerous customer reviews here.

Want to know anything else about our copper base pans? Just get in touch and we’d be happy to assist.


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