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Not only do these pans looks amazing they are just brilliant, mine are in constant use numerous times a day. They are solid, really hard-wearing and still look brilliant and I can’t praise them highly enough.
Jane Devonshire, MasterChef 2016 Champion

The Proware pan collection don’t just look great, but the feel and cooking control is amazing. A solid and versatile range that balances home comfort with a professional feel.
Paul Welburn, Michelin Star Chef, The Oxford Kitchen

I am really enjoying using my ProWare pans with Teflon Platinum Plus coating. They are a great weight and feel very solid and well balanced. Also they are easy to wash up, don't stick and cook everything beautifully evenly. I love that they can go straight from the hob into the oven which make them so versatile and practical. I have used them in the cookery school and, I have to say, I haven't stopped using them in my own kitchen since they arrived.
Lesley Waters

I cook to a high level every day in my kitchen and need cookware that is durable with consistent performance in quality. The great looks are also an impressive factor of Proware as I will sometimes present dishes from stove to table. Overall the induction compatible pans from Proware have incredible precision and consistency, exactly the same results I strive for in my dishes.
Brad Carter, Head Chef at Carter’s of Moseley

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It’s full steam ahead with our universal steamer! This product is compatible with any of our 16, 18 or 20cm saucepans and it will open up a whole new way of cooking.

Mini Pan

The induction friendly mini pan is here! This is the ultimate show-stopper, great for presentation, perfect for sauces and for the more delicate elements of your cooking.

Copper Tri-Ply Sauté Pan

This versatile pan is our best selling item, suitable for almost any style of cooking it is oven safe, dishwasher safe and it makes a striking centre piece on any table.


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