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Jane Devonshire's Asian-Style Broth in beautiful china bowls

Asian-Style Mushroom and Vegetable Broth by Jane Devonshire

This broth base is a real favourite. You can make it a few days in advance and keep it in the fridge or freeze it in portions so that you can put something together quickly when you are really pushed for time. Don’t be put off by the long list of ingredients; it’s very simple to make and you can serve it with whatever veg you wish.

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My Mum’s Chicken Soup by Jane Devonshire

Simple, delicious and economical. This chicken soup recipe has been passed down the generations in Jane Devonshire’s family and it’s exactly as her Mum and Nanny made it.

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One Pot Chicken with Tomato, Bacon and Mushrooms by Jane Devonshire

We all love a one pot meal and this one by Jane Devonshire is fabulously gluten free. This recipe is a midweek favourite in her household as it’s very easy, tasty, great for freezing and economical too!

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Cheesy Fish Pie by Jane Devonshire

This Cheesy Fish Pie by Jane Devonshire is a simple yet delicious recipe. Easy to whip up with minimal ingredients and it’s gluten free too!

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Spatchcock Chicken by Jane Devonshire

We’re delighted to share this recipe with you from our goodfriend Jane Devonshire. Its quick and easy to prepare with just a few ingredients, you’ll have a meal fit for a king.

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Cheats Mexican Chilli by Jane Devonshire

You can’t beat a great chilli and this is my relatively quick mid-week version, using tins of kidney beans in chilli sauce to make it easy and speedier.

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Simple One-Pan Roast Chicken by Jane Devonshire

Another simple yet delicious coeliac friendly one-pan recipe from Jane Devonshire. This recipe is very adaptable so use the food you have available and feel free to change the ingredients up as you please.

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