ProWare Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Sauté Pan

When and How to Use a Sauté Pan

A sauté pan is not something that you will see in every kitchen. To those who are not keen cooks, their purpose may not be immediately obvious. Surely everything I can cook in a sauté pan, I can already do in a frying pan? Surprisingly, this is not the case. Saute pans are a sort […]

ProWare Copper Tri-Ply Shelf

Why We Offer a Lifetime Guarantee

‘They don’t make ‘em like they used to’ This is a phrase that is thrown around all over the place these days. Whether its chocolate bars getting smaller or washing machines packing in after just a few years, it is becoming more evident that everyday items are gradually transforming into shadows of their former selves. […]

The ProWare Range

Finding the Right Cookware for You

Buying new cookware can be difficult. Aside from being a financial investment, there is such a vast array of products out there that it is sometimes a challenge to choose correctly. You may be lucky enough to know exactly what you want and exactly where to get it. Or perhaps you’ve had the same set […]

Eggs on an Induction Hob

Induction Cooking – Sheer Magnetism

Following the success of the Copper Tri-Ply and Copper Base ranges, and with the growing popularity of induction cooking we decided to put our heads together and develop a range that could be used with all hob types to make ProWare accessible to all. The Stainless Steel Tri-Ply range was what we came up with and […]