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  1. Mango, Sweet Sticky Rice and Coral Tuile by Marni Xuto

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    (c) Marni Xuto

    We’ve paired up with the fabulous Marni Xuto to bring you this recipe for Mango, Sweet Sticky Rice and Coral Tuile. Marni has used our Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Steamer for the sweet, sticky rice. That’s one more thing you can make in our steamer! If you have time to let the sticky rice soak, this is a really speedy dish. It’s perfect for a weeknight main or a weekend side.

    Marni’s recipes are wonderfully accessible, bringing the tastes of Thailand right to your kitchen. Check out her amazing Instagram page and follow her (@easy.thaifood) for recipes that look absolutely irresistible!

    In this recipe, Marni showcases our Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Steamer, atop a Copper Base Saucepan, and serves using one of our marvellous mini pans. We can’t wait to try it! You can find out more about Marni on her website here.

    Written by Eliza

    Serves 2

    Prep time (rice): 10 minutes plus 2 hours to soak the sticky rice

    Cooking time (rice): 20 minutes

    Prep time (coral tuile): 2 minutes

    Cooking time (coral tuile): 5-8 minutes

    Ingredients for Mango and Sweet Sticky Rice:

    • 1 honey mango, peeled and cubed
    • 100 grams of uncooked Thai gluten rice
    • 75 millilitres of Thai coconut milk
    • 30 grams of sugar
    • 1/8 teaspoon of salt
    • 1-2 spritzes of edible gold dust spray

    Ingredients for the Mango Tuile:

    • 80 grams of water
    • 30 grams of vegetable oil
    • 10 grams of plain flour
    • 1 grams of food colouring (optional)
    • 1-2 spritzes of vegetable oil spray


    Cooking Method (for the rice)

    1. Soak the sticky rice in room temperature water for at least 2 hours prior to cooking (best to do overnight).
    2. Prepare the steamer by adding water into the bottom of the Copper Base saucepan and bringing it to the boil. Cover the steamer with a muslin or cheese cloth.
    3. Wash the sticky rice a couple of times. Pour the sticky rice onto the muslin cloth, cover the lid, and cook it on the hob over medium to high heat. Turn it from time to time.
    4. It should take about 18-20 minutes to cook and the grains will become translucent when done.
    5. In the meantime, put the coconut milk, sugar and salt in a small saucepan.
    6. Heat until the sugar has dissolved and set aside. Do not bring it to boil.
    7. Once the sticky rice is cooked and still hot, transfer it onto a metal tray/bowl. Gently pour the sweet coconut milk onto the rice and fold it in until the sticky rice is well absorbed in all the coconut milk.
    8. Shape the sticky rice in a small bowl/cup, scatter some honey mango cubes, and place a coral tuile sheet on top (see below). Garnish with edible gold spray and flowers.
    9. Serve with additional sweet coconut milk sauce if required.

    Tips and Techniques

    1. Make sure the sticky rice and coconut milk are hot while you mix the two components together.
    2. Add some pandanus leaves while heating the coconut milk for a naturally sweet aroma.

    Cooking Method (for the coral tuile)

    1. Mix the flour, water, oil, and food colouring in a small bowl and mix well
    2. Lightly spray the oil onto a Non-Stick Copper Tri-Ply 24cm Frying Pan and heat over a medium to high heat.
    3. Once the pan becomes hot, pour a ladleful of the mixture into the pan. Wait until the bubbles work their way inward to the centre and the tuile sheet will harden and crisp up.
    4. Carefully remove the coral sheet off the pan and rest it on a kitchen towel. Repeat the same method until the mixture is finished.

    Tips and Techniques

    You can make the tuile sheets in advance and keep them in the freezer
    for 1 week. But ensure that you serve immediately once taken out of the