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  1. 7 Things We Love About Our Copper Tri-Ply Range

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    Do you really need an excuse to treat yourself to a new pan collection? We say ‘no’, since when you have all the right gear in the kitchen, you’re much more likely to spend the time whipping up something delicious.

    So, to help you make an informed buying decision, we’re sharing what we love about one of our most popular pan collections. Say hello to the copper tri-ply range and discover why professionals wouldn’t be without it…

    1. Carefully Engineered

    Copper tri-ply cookware starts life as three sheets of high-grade metals: copper, aluminium and stainless steel. The metals are bonded together and deep drawn into a single piece body, meaning that each material delivers it’s benefit throughout the entirety of the pan.

    The cast stainless steel handle is attached using stainless steel rivets, inserted under 600 tonnes of pressure – so you can be sure that you will never again have a wobbly handle!

    2. Made for Efficiency

    If you want efficiency in the kitchen, this range of pans certainly offers it. Working together the copper exterior and aluminium core distribute heat efficiently and evenly. The construction allows you to moderate the heat settings you use during cooking, reducing the amount of energy required to achieve a rolling boil. As a result of the even cook they really are the ideal range for more intricate cooking -they work beautifully for preparing gravies, reducing jus or caramelising sugars.

    ProWare Copper Tri-ply Cookware

    3. Performance is Guaranteed

    The pans in this range are so robust and deliver such great results that professional chefs love using them. With its timeless aesthetic and practical design, the copper tri-ply collection is a great choice for anyone who takes preparing food seriously.

    As a result of the selection and management of materials and production; our extensive in-house testing and our real life experience we are confident to offer a lifetime guarantee. This cookware will see you though a life time of cooking and could even be passed on as heirlooms.

    4. Versatile

    The copper tri-ply range offers optimum versatility and practicality as the pans are all oven and dishwasher safe. This makes them perfect for transferring from hob-to-oven and even oven-to-table (well, they are such handsome devils!). Dishwasher suitability makes the tidy-up so much simpler too.

    ProWare Copper Tri-Ply Saute Pan with Steak

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    5. Thoughtfully Designed

    We have incorporated several design aspects in to these pans to make them not only beautiful but dynamically functional. A steep arch in the handle makes the items easier to handle; it keeps the handle away from the heat source; and, allows the pans to nest efficiently in cupboards or drawers. An eyelet where the handle meets the pan body disperses heat to ensure handles don’t get too hot and a hanging loop enables the pans to be elegantly displayed in your kitchen. We also know that larger pans can be very heavy when full. That’s why we have added helper handles to the 18cm and 20cm saucepans, and the 24cm sauté pan.

    6. Simply Stunning

    So many of our customers tell us they can’t wait to display their pans as soon as they get them home. The great thing about making the range a feature of your space is that you can either let the copper age naturally, admiring the beautiful character develop or, you can use Brasso or a salt and white wine vinegar solution to restore the copper to its fabulous, warm glow.

    ProWare Trade

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    7. Collectable and Giftable

    The copper tri-ply is our biggest range. From the mini pans through to the sauté pans and 24cm stockpots – there is something for everyone. Each and every piece is an absolute showstopper and if you are considering these as a gift for new home-owners, newly-weds or a keen home cook, they are sure to raise a smile and deliver a lifetime of kitchen bliss ( … OK, we can’t guarantee that bit!).

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