Seafood Penang Curry by Jude Kereama

If you’re following Great British Menu this year then you must surely remember the inspiring culinary delights of Jude Kereama from last year. Jude represented the South West in the heats and made it all the way to the coveted banquet, cooking the canapes and pre-desserts.

Jude runs his restaurants Kota and Kota Kai in Porthleven, Cornwall. Kota means ‘shellfish’ in Maori, a nod to Jude’s Maori and Chinese Malay heritage. We’re lucky enough to be sharing a mouth-watering seafood recipe from Jude: a Penang Curry.



Jude used our lovely Copper Tri-Ply range!


Serves 4

10g diced, soaked and seeded red birds eye chilli
25g shallots
3 garlic cloves
50g Fresh red chilli
4 tablespoons veg oil

10g shrimp paste
100g shallots
50g garlic
3 stalks lemongrass
3 diced, soaked and seeded red chilli
20 white peppercorns
5 tablespoon coriander powder
5 tablespoon oil

1.5 litres prawn stock
75g Palm sugar
200ml coconut milk

Fish of choice
Cooked yellow noodles
Mange tout
Spring onions
Bean sprouts
Vietnamese coriander
Mint leaves
Lime wedges


  1. Make the spice paste: Blend all ingredients into a paste. If the mix is not blending, add
    some water until it is smooth.
  2. Make chilli paste: Blend all the ingredients

To make the curry sauce:

  1. Stir fry spice paste to release the aromas, add all stock ingredients and bring to the boil. Season.
  2. Let the stock simmer and season with the chilli paste to your taste.
  3. Add prawns, mussels, fish and mange tout until just cooked.
  4. Place yellow noodles and tofu at the bottom of the serving bowls and
    spoon the fish and curry on top.
  5. Garnish with bean sprouts, coriander, spring onions, Vietnamese coriander, mint and lime. Add as much garnish as you feel like. It all depends how hungry you are and of course how much
    punch you would like from the herbs.


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