ProWare Visits Leiths School of Food and Wine

We recently spent a day at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. As we walked down Wendell Road we were excited to see the ProWare Copper Tri-Ply pans gleaming at us through the window on the top floor of the school.

Upon arrival we were treated to some delicious pastries and coffee and we chatted with the chefs whilst waiting for the day to begin. We had been invited to photograph our pans in action on the school’s ‘How to cook the perfect steak’ course. The classroom was a near perfect studio for photography as it was very bright and airy, what’s more we had the privilege of observing the whole class, picking up a few valuable hints & tips along the way!

ProWare at Leiths Steak Course

The course started with a discussion on the different types of steaks and what makes each one unique. The class was taught about the grains in the meat and the way the fat would affect the cooking methods, times & most importantly the way the steak tastes. The teachers explained what could be achieved with the different cuts of meat and which dishes each would suit.
 The students were taken through a variety of ‘exotic’ steaks from animals including buffalo, venison and kangaroo. Then the demonstrations began. The class was shown how to experiment with cooking times of a steak, ranging from blue through to well done and taught how to prepare béarnaise, green peppercorn and chimichurri sauces.
 The students were then turned loose in the kitchen cooking a thick cut sirloin and all three of the sauces. The green peppercorn sauce was by far and away our favourite as it gave us a chance to watch the students flambé brandy in the ProWare 24cm fry pans!  The class then sat down to lunch complete with a welcome glass of wine. The chefs had also prepared the ‘exotic’ steaks and different cuts of steaks for the class to compare and contrast with the sirloin.


All in all the day was fantastic and we were exceptionally pleased to see the ProWare pans being put to good use in the kitchens at Leiths!  We would like to extend a great big thank you to Leiths for letting us photograph the day! If you want to learn how to cook the Green Peppercorn Sauce take a look at our recipes page.


We hope that you enjoy the photos!

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