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Foodies Events July 2018

Photo Credit – International Cheese Awards Summer is here! We can’t wait for this month’s line up of exciting foodie events. From agricultural events and food festivals to the International Cheese Awards, July is bound to be a good one. Great Yorkshire …

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7 Ways to Use Our Minis

When we have done food events in the past, it has often been our mini pans that attract people to our stand. After the initial ‘ooohs’, ‘aahs’ and declarations of cuteness, people nearly always ask ‘but what would I use them for?’ Well you’d be surpris …

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Jöro Restaurant – Tasting Menu & Meet the Chef

Last Thursday the ProWare team enjoyed an 8 course tasting menu at Jöro. The open kitchen is quite unique which creates a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. Seeing the talent and expertise of the chefs in action makes it an exciting experience. There …

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Foodie Dates for your Diary – May 2018

Spring is now well underway and the weather is getting warmer (hopefully). If you are eager to get out and about to enjoy some great food and drink then be sure to check out some of these great foodie events taking place throughout May. Liverpool Vegan …

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A Return to Home Cooking

Our lives are getting busier and our diaries are getting fuller. We are now contactable at all hours, information is being thrown at us on an increasing number of platforms and there never seems to be enough hours in a day. But as people are become les …

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Why We Offer a Lifetime Guarantee

‘They don’t make ‘em like they used to’ This is a phrase that is thrown around all over the place these days. Whether its chocolate bars getting smaller or washing machines packing in after just a few years, it is becoming more evident that everyday it …

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Foodie Dates for your Diary – April 2018

Spring is here and with it comes a lot of exciting foodie events for you to enjoy! Veganism and vegan food has become increasingly popular in recent years which is evident in April’s abundance of vegan festivals which include lots of food stalls and mo …

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Growing Your Own – Why Everyone Should Try It

Accessing fresh fruit and vegetables has never been easier; by popping out to your local supermarket, you can buy almost everything the year round. We are no longer required to move with the seasons and to select ingredients according to the time of ye …

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Finding the Right Cookware for You

Buying new cookware can be difficult. Aside from being a financial investment, there is such a vast array of products out there that it is sometimes a challenge to choose correctly. You may be lucky enough to know exactly what you want and exactly wher …

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