How it Works

Unlike a traditional hob, an induction hob can’t produce heat on its ow.! Beneath the glass surface of an induction hob top there’s an electronically controlled copper coil. When an alternating current is passed through that coil a magnetic field is created. Once a magnetic pan is placed on the hob top the magnetic field created generates energy which immediately heats the pan.


The key benefits are efficiency, precision, cleanliness and safety.
Efficiency: on a gas hob only 40-70% of the energy produced by the gas flame is used cook, the rest is wasted heating up the hob top and the air around your pots and pans. On an induction hob approximately 84% of the electrical energy is converted into useful energy inside the pan and the hob top itself stays relatively cool.

Typically, an induction hob is much easier to clean – they are flat surfaces and, on the basis, that the hob itself doesn’t heat up there is also less chance of any spillages being burnt onto the surface.

Unlike electric hobs of the past you have ultimate control when using induction. You can adjust the heat with as much speed and control as you could on a gas hob.

Hobs can detect whether a pan is standing on them and how much heat they’re producing, they will also cut out automatically if a pan is left by mistake and boils dry.


Induction hobs can be more expensive than other conventional hobs. Though it is worth noting that whilst the initial outlay may be high in the long run an induction hob is likely to save you money by virtue of its energy efficiency.
Copper and aluminium pans won’t work on induction hobs unless they have an induction plate cut into the base.


Why does my cooktop make a noise?
The noise you hear may be a few things. Most models of induction hobs will have a cooling fan that operates to keep the internals cool. As the hob itself doesn’t heat up it is not designed to get hot which means after long cooking sessions it needs to cool as heat can be transferred from the pan to the surface.
You may also hear a buzzing sound. This is the sound created by the magnetic induction flowing through the pan, if you have a larger heavy pan the sound may be less apparent

Why doesn’t my pan work?
If you can stick a magnet to you pans they should be suitable for use on an induction hob. Pans made out of copper or aluminium will not work unfortunately.

How do I know if my pans works?
If you can stick a magnet to you pans they should work!
Do I need special pans to use my induction cooktop?
You need to ensure your pans contain ferrous (magnetic) material, copper and aluminium pans will not work on induction hobs.

How do I clean my induction cooktop?
One of the benefits of using an induction hob is that the surface itself doesn’t generate heat. This means it stays relatively cool so any spillages are far less likely to become burnt on to the surface. Simply wipe your surface clean with a sponge or cloth and some warm soapy water. It’s as easy as that!

Do induction hobs save energy?
Yes! When compared to the energy used by traditional gas and electric cooktops, Induction hobs will save you energy! If you are buying an induction hob to save money on your bills be aware that the amount of energy used for cooking is insignificant when compared to your usage throughout your house. You may see a reduction but it will not be substantial.

Are induction hobs better than gas?
Aside from the reduced amount of energy needed and resulting reduction on your carbon footprint it is often said that induction is in fact better than gas. This is because the control you have over the temperature is almost instantaneous, as the heat is created in the pan it is transferred more evenly to the food which results in a more uniform finish. This reduces the chance of getting hotspots in the pan and burning your food.

Do I need ventilation to use my induction cooktop?
As with all cooktops it is advised that ventilation is considered! There are many options available on the market to suit all styles and applications.


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