We love to get out and about so expect to see us at the following events throughout 2018.

We’d love for you to drop by and say hello!

Costco Road Show Sheffield 20-29 April

ProWare Costco Roadshow

Costco Road Show Manchester 11-20 May

ProWare Costco Roadshow

Costco Road Show Watford 25 May – 3 June

ProWare Costco Roadshow

Royal Cheshire Show 19-20 June

Royal Cheshire Show


Costco Road Show Leeds 29 June – 8 July

ProWare Costco Roadshow

Great Yorkshire Show 10-12 July

Great Yorkshire Show

Image – Yorkshire Agricultural Society

Driffield Agricultural Show 18 July

Driffield Show

Image –

Chatsworth Country Fair 31 August-2 September

Chatsworth Country Fair

Image –