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Leiths School of Food and Wine 

Leiths School of Food and Wine is well known for teaching students how to cook using copper pans.  On moving to our new premises we needed to furnish a fourth kitchen with copper pans and did not have enough from our original stock. After much research Leiths found ProWare a friendly hands on team who have produced a range of attractive and durable pans.  Leiths now use the ProWare pans on a daily basis and they have proved a great success and draw compliments from everyone who uses them.

The team from Leiths School of Food and Wine






“We use the ProWare copper tri-ply pans in our kitchen continuously for 10 hours a day. We do use a variety of cookware in our kitchen but this range stands out because of its superior performance & appearance, they quickly became the favoured set of pans.

We have used the pans on the hob top, under the grill & in the oven. The pans are a good weight & lighter than other comparable copper cookware but the functionality appears to be the same. They have good depth and the bodies are very sturdy.

The pans hold the heat of the food for longer which helps us ensure consistent cooking. The fact that the pan walls carry & hold the heat is extremely beneficial in terms of the delicate sauces we prepare in the kitchen on a daily basis. The food in the pans can be cooked steadily and evenly without hot-spots in the base of the pan. The pouring lips on all the pans are also very useful.

The range continues to stand up to the testing environment of a professional kitchen, the non-stick on the milk pan & the frying pans performs very well & provides significant benefits when preparing certain dishes.

Although the copper does stain easily the appearance is eye catching and classic. The mini-pan is perfect for serving individual portions of stews or sauces and it looks great on our serving pass.

We will be using these pans in our cooking school from January 2013 and would happily recommend the pans for use in either a domestic or a professional kitchen. We are also looking forward to the release of the stockpot & sauté pan in 2013.”

The team from The Milestone
Award Winning Sheffield Restaurant

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