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ProWare Copper Tri-PLy Construction

About the Metals


Copper has been used for cookware for hundreds of years. Copper has a very high thermal transfer rate, it helps to make control of the heat inside the pan more precise and gives the pan exterior a great appearance. Copper is naturally resistant to bacteria. On the downside copper is expensive, heavy and soft, it also reacts with foodstuffs that are acidic.

Aluminium has great thermal transfer capability, not as high as copper but it is still much higher than other commonly used materials such as steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Aluminium has the advantage of being light in weight, and is therefore an ideal partner material to the heavier copper and stainless steel. On the downside, Aluminium is soft, easily distorted and reacts with acid foods.

Stainless Steel is strong, highly corrosion resistant and has a pleasing bright finish that is hygienic and easy to keep clean. On the downside, it isn’t a good heat conductor, but its durability makes it an ideal partner for the two other metals.


Copper Tri-Ply Cookware


ProWare Copper Tri-Ply construction

Copper Tri-Ply is a reinvention of the classic copper cookware used for centuries.

In contrast to its predecessors the Tri-Ply incorporates ‘modern’ stainless steel where previously copper pans would have been plated internally either with tin or silver. The Copper Tri-Ply is a three layer bonded construction, consisting of a stainless steel interior, an aluminium core and a copper exterior. These three metals run together throughout the walls and base of the pan providing superior heat distribution for efficient cooking.

  • stainless steel interior
  • aluminium core
  • copper exterior

The metals are processed using a technique which bonds them together at an atomic level so that they are effectively one sheet of metal, the bond is extremely secure and durable. The pans three layer structure offers discernible benefits to the end user because it brings together and makes the most of the unique virtues of the different materials. Copper and uncoated aluminium are highly efficient heat distribution metals, (only Silver and Gold of the ‘well known’ metals conduct heat more efficiently) but both have drawbacks if they come directly into contact with foodstuffs. Stainless steel is very durable, hygienic and corrosion resistant, but isn’t a very efficient heat conductor. The combining of the three metals into one sheet of material therefore allows us to have the benefits of each metal type, without the drawbacks:

Product Features

  • Brushed stainless steel interior.
  • Beautifully designed cast stainless steel handles and helper handle for extra stability when lifting and pouring
  • Copper exterior and aluminium core combine for excellent conductivity and precise cooking control.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel rivets secure handles for a lifetime of safe cooking.
  • Copper Tri-Ply lid with riveted stainless steel strap handle.


Note: 14cm Milk Pan and 24cm Frying Pan have non-stick coating. 10cm Casserole, 16cm, 18cm & 20cm Saucepans, 24cm Stockpot and 24cm Saute pans supplied with lids. 18cm & 20cm Saucepans and 24cm Saute pans have helper handles.


Copper Base Cookware


ProWare Copper Base Construction - crop

These beautiful pans have a hint of the classic about them whilst being ideal for modern families.

The pan bodies are made from a single piece of durable, highly polished, heavy gauge stainless steel. The aluminium and copper base is attached using an impact bonding method which bonds the materials at an atomic level. The combination of stainless steel, aluminium and copper in the base means that the pans have the same virtues as the Tri-Ply pans.

The ability of the aluminium and copper to conduct and disperse heat reduces the risk of hot spots in the base and the stainless steel body is hygienic and resilient. The striking contrast of the stainless steel body, the copper base and the black soft-grip section of the pan handle will make the pans stand out in any kitchen.

These pans offer distinct benefits in terms of being lighter to handle than the Copper Tri-Ply and because stainless steel is a non-reactive metal, they are easier to keep in pristine condition. We have deliberately specified deep bodies to ensure that the pans have family friendly capacities, enabling you to make the most of each ring on your hob! The glass lids also make it easy to keep an eye on your food as it bubbles away on the hob-top.

Product Features

  • Highly polish stainless steel exterior
  • Brushed stainless steel interior.
  • Beautifully designed cast stainless steel handles with soft-grip section. Soft grip helper handles on larger pans for extra stability when lifting and pouring.
  • Copper base plate with aluminium core for enhanced heat conductivity and cooking control.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel rivets secure handles for a lifetime of safe cooking.
  • Vented, domed glass lid with riveted stainless steel and soft grip strap handle.


Note: 14cm Milk Pan has non-stick coating. 16cm, 18cm & 20cm Saucepans, 24cm Stockpot and 26cm Sautepan supplied with lids. 18cm & 20cm Saucepans and 26cm Sautepan have helper handles.